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About Us

We constantly review the way we work at Chas R Lowe Estates and are our own biggest critics. We build on our experience, professionalism, and dedication to doing what’s right for our clients.

This in turn has enabled Chas R Lowe Estates clients to feel secure in the knowledge that we constantly work in their interests and so many have felt confident in recommending us to their families and friends.

We are proud of the length of time that our excellent team have been with us. We have many years of experience between us and as such have gained a comprehensive knowledge through our association with the property industry and decades of providing the very best service.

For years the estate agency industry had relied on newspaper ads, property details being posted out and buyers being called daily with updates. However, the world has changed and continues to change at an ever-faster pace. Communication and the way people search and buy properties is now mainly online via numerous search engines and apps. These changes are constantly monitored and invested in to ensure we offer the our clients the best in new technologies.

We have developed our own way of marketing properties to ensure we achieve the best prices for our clients in the shortest period of time, however the most important part of any property transaction is to make sure you have the best buyer available to you at the time who is truly invested in your property whether you wish to sell or rent.

Our valuer will be more than happy to explain our methods at the time of valuation as we don’t want the whole world to know!

Once a sale is agreed, our proactive and skilful sales team keep the transaction on track, liaising between the various parties Not only on your sale but on the whole chain, whether that be two or several properties long, because we understand that if one part of your chain goes wrong....nobody moves, so we are proactive throughout the chain on your behalf to enable your sale to be completed as swiftly and stress free as possible.

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