Thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen or dining area to your home?

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Everything but the kitchen sink! Create your perfect alfresco living area for your home this summer.


Thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen or dining area to your home?


There is no doubt that even in this sometimes-rainy climate, alfresco dining has increased. Outdoor living spaces are what you make them, and today, the scope for creating your perfect outdoor space is limitless. An outdoor kitchen makes a lot of sense for a UK-based property because it creates a sheltered area for you to enjoy even if the weather is changeable.


 Add a pergola

A good move is to build a pergola to shelter your kitchen; that way, you could potentially use it all year. Place your kitchen against your garden wall or simply arrange it however it feels comfortable for you, but keep in mind that you want your outdoor kitchen to be a sociable space so you and your guests, family, or friends can chat and get involved in your evening.



The size of your space is not important

You don’t need to have a vast outdoor space to build an outdoor kitchen; in fact, sometimes the more compact the space, the better. There are a huge variety of ovens, barbecues, and electric hobs to choose from. Anything goes, so design it your own way. If pizza and wood are your preferences, consider building your kitchen with wood, leaving space for a pizza oven



Build around the barbeque

Perhaps you like a traditional, real charcoal barbecue. Build your own barbeque using bricks and match them with some walls that will support your food preparation areas. You may decide to make your work surfaces moveable so that they can be stored in the shed during the winter months. On the other hand, you may own a feature barbeque, and that could be the centrepiece of your kitchen.



Make it a moveable feast

Using free-standing tables or wheeled furniture is ideal if you are planning on setting up your kitchen for a few months, a few hours, or forever. If you love tiles, then tile a table or source one. There are plenty of furnishing options that can complement your dining table.


 Two in one

If you have always liked the idea of having a bar in your garden or outdoor living space, consider building it large enough so that it could also serve as a kitchen. That way, you will have solved two problems with one simple solution. Build it yourself or buy it, then stain it, and it will last for years. Add some bar stools to make it a social hub for your friends and family.



If you build, do you need planning permission?

The short answer to this question is no, as long as you don’t exceed 2.5 metres in height and your structure is less than 2 metres from your property. The positive aspect of building something more solid is its durability and all-year-round usability. Add an outdoor heater or log burner, and you could feast even when it snows!


Will an outdoor kitchen add value to your home?

Any improvements you make to the outdoor living spaces of your home will most definitely add to its value. Creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly flow from your home's indoor living spaces is becoming a must have. No longer an unattainable luxury, making them highly desirable and sought-after.



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