Cars in the park - Sponsored by Chas Lowe Estates - A big thank you.

Well that's it all over for another year and we would like to say a bit thank to our sponsors Chas Lowe Estates in East Barnet Village. 

I'm writing on behalf of everyone involved with running Cars In The Park 2019, to say thank you for your kind support again this year. It's invaluable and helps to make the event as huge success. This year we had over 800 cars on display, up 150 on last year! This wasn't really a surprise, as the attendance has been increasing at around 20-25%, year on year, since 2015. Of course, it means more marshalling, more space and more organisation - but we get them in the end. Interestingly, this works out at one car arriving every 13.5 seconds, from 9:00-12:00.

Chas Lowe your money was well spent (of course) and included 15 banners, 2 * beach flags and a flag for our BASE.