East Barnet Festival cancelled due torrential rain

TORRENTIAL rain has caused the East Barnet Festival to be cancelled for safety reasons.

The organising committee decided to pull the plug on the three day event due to start tonight after an inspection of the site this lunchtime found that the field in Oak Hill Park East Barnet was "more or less" under water.

Barry Ainsworth from the organising committee told The Barnet Press: "We have had to cancel, there is so much water the electricity connections will become unsafe. We can't get the trucks on to the field and we have to think if there's an emergency how would their vehicles get on to the site."

Mr Ainsworth said he would now start letting the bands know of the cancellation. The fun fair was set up on Thursday and he expected it would still be operational despite the weather conditions.

Mr Ainsworth said he would now try to rearrange for the bands to perform in Barnet over the next few weeks. He advised residents to keep checking the festival's website www.eastbarnetfestival.org.uk for further information.