Missing Dog in East Barnet Village

A missing dog has been found and returned home safely.

Barney, Jack Russell, was left outside the post office in East Barnet village at around 2pm on January 8 while his owner went inside, and appeared to vanish after she left.

Many members of the community took to social media to share images of Barney and a full-blown campaign was launched to track him down.

Barney was later found tied to railings in Mays Lane, High Barnet, and subsequently delivered to Mays Pet Shop in order to find his owner.

Michelle Boyle, of Chas R Lowe Estates, was asked to produce posters after Barney went missing, which began a social media storm of shares and likes.

She said: "The response was instant with my Facebook page being swamped with shares, notifications and offers of help from close and far away, and even dog charities getting in touch.

"We had people ringing our offices for news and to thank us for what we were doing."

Ms Boyle received the call that Barney had been found and taken to a pet shop by a man in Barnet who recognised him by the Facebook campaign.

She continued: "To say I was ecstatic was a understatement.

"I was even more delighted when the owner paid us a visit with Barney and a lovely bunch of flowers to thank us. To see the smile on her face was the most rewarding.

"I am still stunned by our community and how this little chap has stolen everyone's hearts."