Plans for memorial to Millie, High Barnet’s celebrity cat
Well over £1,200 has been donated already by well-wishers towards the cost of a memorial to the 17-year-old tabby Millie who made friends with countless admirers at the Spires shopping centre.

Paula Gabb set up a fund after her much-celebrated pet – known locally as the library, Waitrose Millie The Spires cat – died “peacefully” after being poorly for some time with a thyroid problem.

When so many of those who paid online tributes to Millie – on the Barnet Society website, Nextdoor and Facebook – suggested she should be remembered in some way, Ms Gabb took their advice and started a Go Fund Me appeal page.

“I knew everyone loved Millie, but I’d no idea the affection for her was anything like this.

“The response has been amazing. In less than a week £1,621 has been donated.”

Ms Gabb intends to ask the Spires’ management whether it might be possible to put up a plaque to Millie, or perhaps more likely a bench which could be in her name.

Millie made her name by regularly being seen outside Waitrose and caught the attention of shoppers and passers-by.

Such was her love of adventure that she mastered the walk across the Stapylton Road zebra crossing, regularly stopping the traffic as she went from the library across to the Spires or returned to her home in Carnarvon Road.

'A trip to Waitrose will never be the same again'

Online tributes to Millie expressed sadness at the passing of a “real local character” who so loved attention – and the odd tin of cat food, despite all Ms Gabb’s efforts to persuade kind-hearted people not to give her food.

Most recently she started venturing further afield waiting to greet customers outside the KFC  restaurant or Harry’s the butchers.

Ms Gabb has already started writing Millie’s biography – she says so many people have asked her to tell the story of a very special cat.