What do people do first after moving into a new home?

Moving into your first property can be a long, complex and emotional process. For some, it can take a while to finally settle into their new home.

According to a recents surveys, the vast majority of people need from one week to a month after they’ve moved in to feel like they’re in a place they can call home.

For one in five people  it’s returning from work and for another one in four its redecorating that makes it feel like they belong in their new pad.

Given the importance of decorating, it comes as a surprise that artwork and decorations are some of the last things people buy after they move in.

Only one in 50 people in the survey the same day they moved in. Instead, most people spent their first day shopping for beds, mattresses and kitchen utensils:

When it comes to settling into their new homes, people divide their time between the practical and the fun.

More than a third of respondents gave their property a deep clean on the day they moved in, while a fifth decided to set up council tax and utilities. Impressive organisational skills.

However, it’s not all work and no play. One in five respondents skipped cooking and ordered takeaway on their first day.  If you need any help in moving, please do not hestiate to contact your specialist agent on 020 8440 6449.